Learn how to leverage the changes in Facebook Groups to Build Your List

Would you like to Discover How to use the new Facebook Groups to easily generate Unlimited Targeted Leads, creating a Wave of Traffic through your blog, Naturally leading to More Sales in your Business??

Since it’s creation Facebook has often changed.  Recently, they introduced a new feature,”Facebook Groups” as a new way for friends to interact.

Many marketers have no idea that these Groups are a GOLDMINE for finding customers who are waiting to buy!

Just how much can you make with Groups???  Check out this shot from within my paypal account:

Groups is a Social Solution to organizing people on Facebook by specific interests.

Social Solutions are Facebook’s core.  Groups as a Social Solution:

  1. Build a good interface for tagging.
  2. Work just like Facebook photos.
  3. Make it easy for people to say “we’re connected and interested in the same things.”

Facebook’s Goals for Groups:

  • Map all real world Groups and create online equivalents.
  • Everyone on Facebook participates; socially interacting with friends of common interest.
  • Groups will be useful in lots of contexts such as family, occupation, recreation, within business.

“5% of all Facebook users will create the groups that the other 95% will use.”

Would you rather be part of the 5% of Facebook users influencing their online audience or stuck with the other 95% of users??

How would you like to raise your social influence online?

The answer is obvious.  You want to be part of that 5% group who is using Facebook Groups as a way to build their list and their brand online.  These are the people who are currently bringing in more leads, in less time.

Thanks to groups, Facebook marketing for your business has changed and our team is here to help you learn how to leverage these changes in order to Build Your Brand Online.

In our training, You will learn:

  • How to get started with “NEW Facebook Groups
  • How to build bigger and stronger connections with your customers through Groups.
  • How to use “New” Facebook Groups as a “Traffic Vacuum” for your business.
  • How to use Facebook Groups to create an endless supply of FREE quality leads.
  • How to CASH IN on the “New” Groups system and turn Groups into profits.

The Social Media List Machine

Module 1 - The Power of a List.

“Let’s get a simple system in place that everyone can use.”

  • Learn a simple technique that only 2-3% of current Facebook users utilize.
  • Discover the benefits of organizing and sorting your Facebook account between your  family, friends, work, and recreational groups.

Module 2 – The Facebook Butterfly Effect.

“The interactions of 1 person affects the experiences of others around them.”

  • Learn the New “Group etiquette.”
  • Discover how to be the trend-setter by innovating how Facebook works in real time.
  • Follow 3 Simple Steps to setting up your First Facebook Group.

Module 3 – The Reverse Mullet System.

“Party in the front; business in the Back.”

  • How to use targeted posts and comments, to provide your group members with value.
  • Learn how to attract friend requests from buyers in your niche.
  • Learn how to NOT BE A SPAMMER!

Module 4  - The Traffic Trampoline Method.

“Traffic getting tactics.”

  • Learn how to show the members of your Group a great first experience.
  • Learn how to use Groups as a way to build your list rapidly, with targeted niche-specific leads for your business.
  • Be the hero by educating your Group on the rules of the game.

Module 5 – The Lunch Table Principle.

“Being a professional by being grateful.”

  • Learn how to have your entire Group willingly share your content.
  • Discover the secret to developing a team online.

Module 6 – The Magnetic Money Machine.

“The ultimate marketing funnel.”

  • How to take your warm list of quality leads, and make them an offer they can’t refuse.
  • Learn how to increase your profit margin, while saving yourself time.
  • Steal our forumla for pulling customers off Facebook & into your business.

This is the FIRST product of its kind:

You will be one of the first individuals who will understand how to leverage NEW Facebook Groups for business and branding purposes.

Bonus #1 – Discover how to create a Paid Facebook Group.

Yes!  We’re talking about having people paying you, to join your group.

Bonus #2 – Receive access to our Secret “Student Only Facebook Group.”

Here you will be able to Mastermind with our team and other students.

Bonus #3 – Module #7 – This extra module was created to show you all about FB Groups’ banner real estate and how to use it!

Learn all about this new FB Group feature and how you can leverage it for success.


Facebook Groups For Business Coaching Details:

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